Tips and tricks for writing essays about technology in education

Technology’s role in education is extensive, with many EdTech solutions coming into play with the sudden switch to digital learning. Students writing essays on this subject often find it challenging due to its broad scope. But it doesn’t have to be scary; piecing together a paper about technology can be easy if you take the proper steps. 

Here are tips and tricks that can help you with writing essays about technology in education. 

Select a Topic that Interests You 

Consider writing a list of potential topics for your essay and identifying those you find fascinating. Having a genuine interest in your paper is crucial as your passion would resonate with your readers. You’ll also have no problem putting in the research time and efforts in a topic you find fascinating but find it challenging and tiring for those alien to you. 

Your topic should be up-to-date and relevant to the current society’s status. For example, writing about challenges teachers face with adapting to distance learning tech is newsworthy. It’s appropriate for today’s society as most colleges employ digital classroom technology to curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. You can prepare backup topics to use instead if you find the current one unsatisfactory. 

Have Professionals Help Out 

Most students who experience challenges with their papers opt for writing service assistance. They pay for written essay assistance from professional writers when they don’t understand the topic or are looking to save time, get a high-quality write-up, and more. These services go on to them with an excellent paper on the deadline day at an affordable price rate. 

Avoid Writing an Ambiguous Thesis 

Your thesis statement often dictates how much work you have to take on when writing an essay. It features a single sentence that gives readers a concise summary of what your paper is about at a glance.  For topics centered on technology in education, you’ll have to be careful and avoid having your thesis statement coming off as ambiguous. 

EdTech is broad, so you should narrow your sights to a specific aspect of digital classroom technology before putting pen to paper. The same rule applies to your title. It should focus on a particular part of education technology and not appear vague.

Have a Catchy Title 

When writing an essay, your title needs to be catchy and capture readers’ attention at a glance. It should also clearly give an idea of the possible content in your paper.  There are several tips you can employ to come up with a catchy title. One of which is writing it after completing your essay. This way, you have a better understanding of what’s relevant. 

Conduct Extensive Research 

Technology is growing at a fast pace, and so is EdTech. When writing an essay about digital classroom tech, you must stay up-to-date with current technological trends in education. Many gadgets and software tutors used in teaching become obsolete within a few years of their unveiling, with new and faster models taking their place. Sometimes there is an entire system overhaul rather than an upgrade, and a new tech replaces the previous iteration. 

You’ll need to conduct extensive research to avoid adding outdated or incorrect information to your paper. Here’s where passion for your topic comes to play. If you’re enthusiastic about it, there’s a high chance that you already have ample knowledge of many current trends in the industry. Such knowledge will help narrow your research field to only the most relevant aspects. 

Final Thoughts

When you are looking to write an essay about technology in education, it’s best to narrow down your topic and develop a genuine interest in it. Employing this approach will make writing your paper less challenging. It’s also helpful to conduct extensive research to avoid using outdated information in your write-ups. 

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