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Rather than taking a final examination for this course, you will demonstrate your grasp of the topics through a multi-stage research project.  In this paper you will select a terrorist strategy used between the 1950s and present day which was/is a threat to the United States and its national interests. The final paper must include a brief history of the strategy as well as answer the following questions:  Why is this a terrorist strategy? Which terrorists use this strategic method?  Why? When is this strategic method effective?  Why? What are the flaws of this strategy?  Why? and What infrastructures support the use of this method as part of a terrorist strategy?  How and Why?

This research paper project is divided into four stages, each of which is graded separately and required in order to receive a passing grade in the course.  The purpose behind dividing the paper into four checkpoints is that it encourages you to work on it throughout the term and to ensure that the topic incident chosen is acceptable to the instructor.  

Topic Selection

Please indicate which strategy you will be studying for this research project.  Terrorists between the 1950s – present, should use or have used this strategy as well as be threat to the United States and its national interests.

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