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 Unit 8.1 DB: Do I conform? (PSY101 Fundamentals of Psychology)

In Asch’s study referenced above, answer the following questions:

  • How is the principle of conformity examined?
  • When and why do you think the subject in the experiment began to “second guess” himself?
  • What are some of the circumstances in the experiment which contribute to “conformity”?
  • Why do you think some participants would be more likely to conform than others?
  • There are many reasons why people conform. Were you ever in a situation where you had to conform? Why did you feel the need to conform?

Be sure to provide an APA citation for any resource used as reference in your post.

Unit 8.2 DB: My Career (PSY101 – Fundamentals of Psychology)

  • Throughout this course, you developed a knowledge base in psychology that may help you decide the direction of your future career.  Which content area(s) do you think will be most helpful to you in your future (or current) career?  How will you apply some of the knowledge you gained in this course to your career?  
  • Refer to the APA website on careers in psychology to help you answer these questions.

 Unit 8 DB: Ethical Concerns of Globalization (BUS340 Business Ethics)

Doing business both with and in different countries raises many ethical concerns.  We all do not see things the same way.  From what you have learned in this course, begin a discussion on ethical concerns that global organizations need to watch.  Choose two of the following concerns to discuss, incorporating material from our studies or outside sources. 

  • When is a bribe merely a common business practice and when is it unethical? 
  • Should companies produce goods in parts of the world where they know that human rights of workers are not a priority at all? 
  • What about environmental and health standards? 
  • In looking for inexpensive pricing, what temptations might there be for companies when considering working globally?


Unit 8 DB: Local Water Pollution (ENV110 – Exploring Environmental Issues)

Identify sources of water pollution in a local body of water.  If you can visit the location, please upload a picture of the body of water and/or the possible sources of contamination, or find an image online.  This could be as large as local factories polluting a local bay, or as small as road debris affecting a small stream.  Get out there and do some detective work!  Describe the Clean Water Act and how it could potentially reduce commercial water pollution.     

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