Victory motorcycles” | Business Administration Capstone | Strayer University–Allentown


      From the LEARN e-Activity and the case study 29 (p. 419 in the textbook), evaluate the Corporate-Level Strategy of Victory Motorcycles to determine whether you believe the strategy is appropriate to offset forces in the industry.

o  Provide specific examples to support your response.

      Make recommendations for improving this strategy as well as describing any challenges you foresee in executing those recommendations.

o  Provide specific examples to support your response.

Respond to classmate:


The business level procedure which has made Victory Motorcycles so celebrated the world over is its enhancement system. The business is exceptionally differentiated with a wide mixture of items fabricated like bikes, snowmobiles and watercrafts. This makes the association an exceedingly differentiated one. Their objective business sector ranges from America the distance to China, Russia, Brazil and Australia. They have a tendency to target clients through a mixture of imaginative outlines and top notch motorbikes. B

Since there are a few others car firms in the business who have the propensity, limit and innovation to fabricate shockingly better and profoundly effective motorbikes the organization need to take potential rivalry under wraps. What the organization needs to do is detail vital arrangements for new car plan and enhances the productivity. Alongside that the organization needs to fabricate environment cordial motorbikes like electric autos with the goal that this test can likewise be met. 

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