Week 2: individual case analysis | mis540 | DeVry University–California




  • Due Sunday by 10:59pm
  • Points 70
  • Submitting a file upload
  • Available May 12 at 12am – Jun 29 at 11:59pm about 2 months

This week we will be doing an individual Case Analysis.  Please choose from one of the cases below.  

  • Chapter 1 Case: The World Is Flat
  • Chapter 2 Case: Business Week Interview with Michael Porter
  • Chapter 3 Case: Got Milk? It’s Good for You—Unless It Is Contaminated!
  • Chapter 4 Case: Manipulating the Data to Find Your Version of the Truth
  • Unit Closing Case One: Best of the Best – Under 25 (answer questions 1-3)

Use the Team Case Analysis Guidelines under Course Resources to analyze the case you chose.  NO SUMMARY VIDEO IS NEEDED THIS WEEK.

Please post your summary and answers to your questions in Week 3 Team Case Discussion area. 

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