Week 9 part 1: restory / part 2 future research | COUN 5545 | Webster University

Part 1: Restory 

Taking from the narrative theory concepts shared in the text, discuss how your family’s story would be told if you “restoryed” it, how would it be different than it is now?  Support your response with key ideas from narrative theory. Minimum 350 words 

Apa Style

Part 2 Future Research

 Considering the trajectory of the data shared thus far, extrapolate your impression of future research on stepfamilies and stepfamily demographics. Also, discuss possible interventions for this growing population.  Minimum 350 words 

Apa Style



Please read the following for this week as well as All Week 9 Online Course Materials:


  • Gold, J. M. (2015). Stepping In, Stepping Out: Creating Stepfamily Rhythm. Wiley.

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