What was the holocaust by bullets?

After watching all the lecture material and reading the assigned material, at least two pages.  Upload a   double-spaced, to this link. If you choose to cite from the material, please use MLA

MLA Lib Guides are located in Library Resources on the left-side menu.

What was the Holocaust by Bullets, as explained on the website yahadinunum.org – the work of Father Desbois and the video? What did you learn from the witness testimony? Click on the following link:





Click on by Country. Go to the country map, pick a country, and write about what you learned about the Nazi killings in that country. What were the “Einsatzgruppen” (incorporate article “Bringing Death to Jews” from the Hayes e-book, and material from the yahadinunum website)? You can answer each question separately. 

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